The LE Femmes Network is engaged in a programme of seminars, workshops and events to promote understanding and action around the role of women in fisheries crime enforcement.
Launch Le Femmes
Launch Le Femmes

Launch of LE Femmes Network

The LE Femmes Network was launched at its first seminar luncheon on 17 October 2018 at the UN City, Copenhagen, following the FishCRIME 2018 symposium. 30 participants from 12 countries as well as representatives of international organizations attended the seminar.

The seminar was moderated by the Deputy Director of Maritime Safety and Marine Pollution Prevention at the National Agency for Maritime Affairs of Senegal and Deputy Chairperson of the INTERPOL Fisheries Crime Working Group. Five presentations were made highlighting gender issues around fisheries crime law enforcement from perspectives of various countries including Thailand, Norway, Jamaica and South Africa.

A summary of the findings of the working paper on gendered facets of fisheries crime law enforcement  was presented by PescaDOLUS. Discussion amongst participants was generated over a lunch served during the seminar including sharing of experiences and ideas around fisheries crime law enforcement, solutions posed to challenges raised and input on how the network can serve the needs of its members.

Read the Working paper here.

Fish for Justice Seminar

During the 1st meeting of the new Fisheries Crimes Board in Lyon, France, a presentation was made on organising a joint training for prosecutors dealing with fisheries crimes. The idea was subsequently developed and a successful seminar ‘Justice for Fish’ was held at UNODC Headquarters, Vienna in September 2018.

The purposes of the seminar was to:

  • Enhance the capacity of prosecutors along the Indian Ocean coastline in combating fisheries crime
  • Discuss challenges faced by prosecutors from the different regions in combating fisheries crime
  •  Share experiences among prosecutors from the Indian Ocean Rim on mutual legal assistance and international cooperation while combating fisheries crime

The Justice of Fish seminar focused on presentations and group discussions hence the meeting had both formal and informal discussions and written contributions to the output of the report.  Participants were drawn from prosecution authorities and other law enforcers that dealt with fisheries crimes. Experts were invited to provide presentations on topical issues pertaining to the themes of the meeting.

Participants were drawn from the following countries and organisations: Cambodia, Gambia, Kenya, Maldives, Mauritius, Norway, Philippines, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand, United Kingdom, NA-FIG, UNODC, FAO, INTERPOL.

Lets work together

Feel free to send us a message should you wish to discuss any issues pertaining to women and the fishing industry.