Working paper on gendered aspects of fisheries crime law enforcement

The aim was to identify key themes for potential future research and policy measures to enhance gendered perspectives in fisheries crime law enforcement.

The study focuses primarily on women’s lived experiences captured by empirical case examples given the paucity of focused formal literature (academic and technical) on the topic. The study draws on parallel literature on gender in law enforcement supplemented with responses from an informal questionnaire distributed by the LE Femmes network to female fisheries law enforcement officers. In sum, the findings of the working paper note that drivers of female involvement in fisheries crime along the value chain are context and geography-based. Challenges of female fisheries law enforcement officers were highlighted as including discrimination, harassment and ‘glass ceiling’, whilst opportunities were cited as role models for other women and better understanding of fishing community challenges.

In conclusion, a number of potential topics for further discussion and research are highlighted and the importance of closing the data gap on the topic is underscored. An executive summary of the working paper is available here. For access to the full working paper please contact the LE Femmes Secretariat.

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